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Current Student Assistants

Meet the Center for Student Involvement's current Communication and Leadership Student Assistants


Pu Zhang (Riley)

Year: 3rd year

Major: NanoEngineering

Hobbies & Interests: Swimming, badminton, and hiking

Other involvement at UCSD: RA@Warren College, Service Learning Chair for Alternative Breaks

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership: I’m drawn to this position because of the open and welcoming environment, and the growth potential I foresee from myself and peers.



Arun Dhingra

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Psychology

Hobbies & Interests:Tennis, Music, Board Games, Traveling, TV/Movies

Other involvement at UCSD: Writer for The Triton, Member of Various Muir Committees

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership: I am drawn to this position because of how impactful it is. I love that I can help others improve skills that are useful throughout life.



Catherine Cortez

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Public Health // Minor: Public Service

Hobbies & Interests: Going to the beach, watching TED talks, indoor cycling, and arts & crafts

Other involvement at UCSD: Student Health Advocate, R&R Squad, Alternative Breaks, volunteer at UCSD Health

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership: After completing iLead last year, I felt inspired to give back to the program that helped strengthen my leadership skills. I hope that through working with CSI, I can share my iLead experience with others, and grow with a community of empowering, ethical, and empathetic leaders.



Judy Chen

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Philosophy and Math-Computer Science Double Major

Hobbies & Interests: Movies, origami, rock climbing, writing

Other involvement at UCSD: Outreach Coordinator Intern for Intl and Out-of-State students, Student-at-large Diversity in Marshall Student Council, GAP mentor, Tango club  member

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership:I had a great experience in iLead in my freshmen year and felt that I want to get involved on-campus and help others to develop communication and leadership skills.



Tiffany Wang

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Chemical Engineering

Hobbies & Interests:  Traveling, reading, singing, learning something new like setting the kitchen on fi—ahem, cooking

Other involvement at UCSD: AIChE Projects - Piezoelectric Team, ISPE Leadership Rotation Program

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership: I’m drawn to this position because of the opportunity to further improve myself in such a supportive and encouraging environment.



Marilyn Brittany Pena

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Political Science in International Relations

Hobbies & Interests: tennis, horseback ride, and spending time with my friends

Why I work with CSI Communication & Leadership: I like working for CSI because the environment and the people are so friendly. Working for the department of Communication & Leadership allows me to also get to know about the amazing workshops and seminars they provide. Not only do I get to help out with the marketing and managing of the seminars, but I also get to participate in the workshops when I help assist the workshop speakers. This position is filled with many advantages and with many great people that I am proud to call them my C&L family. I am truly lucky and proud to be part of Center for Student Involvement and to be working under a great supervisor, that not only focuses on your work but also helps carve out your goals and road maps for your success here and in the future after graduation.