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Internships and Employment Opportunities

CSI-Communication and Leadership offers internship opportunities to undergraduate students as peer educators and to graduate students in certain fields as graduate interns.

Photo of Peer Educators

Peer Educators

Peer educators are selected during spring quarter and are expected to intern for a full academic year. Peer Educators:

  • Receive advanced public speaking and facilitator training
  • Present fun and interactive workshops to students
  • Conduct outreach and marketing for programs
  • Coordinate social events to promote community and a sense of belonging on campus

Meet the Current Peer Educators

  • Applications for 2017-2018 Lead Peer Educators are now closed
  • Applications for 2017-2018 Peer Educators are now closed

Triton Community Leadership Institute (TCLI) Mentors

Mentors and Mentor Coordinators are selected late Winter quarter and are expected to intern in Spring 2017, Summer Session I, and through the upcoming academic year. Mentor and Mentor Coordinators:

  • Receive advanced training on facilitation, leadership, and social justice
  • Reside on campus during the summer program, faciliate group activies and discussions in relation to diversity and social justice issues
  • Facilitate ice breakers, team builders, and general activities to promote community and a sense of belonging on campus
  • Meet with participants indivudally and in small groups to provide support and resources throughout the year
  • Coordinate events and workshops to familiarize particpants with information, resocures, and oppurtunities

The application for Mentor and Mentor Coordinator positions are now closed.

Dialogue Ambassadors

Dialogue Ambassadors co-facilitiate 10 scheduled on-campus dialogues each quarter as well as 8 off-campus community building dialogues through the National Conflict Resolution Center. Dialogue Ambassadors are selected late Fall Quarter and are expected to intern Winter 2018, Spring 2018, and Fall 2018.

Dialogue Ambassadors:

  • Receive advanced dialogue facilitations from experts within the National Conflict Resolution Center
  • Co-faciliate dialogues to promote civil discourse, community building and perspective talking
  • Develop public speaking, conflict resolution, networking skills
  • Participate in asssessing and evaluating the program

* Applications for Dialogue Ambassadors are now available (due by 11:59 p.m. on December 17, 2017 to: dialogue@ucsd.edu)

Graduate Assistantship

Graduate students concentrating in student affairs administration, higher education, and related fields gain practical experience facilitating educational workshops and seminars. Graduate interns:

  • Develop public speaking and presentation skills
  • Facilitate seminars and workshops
  • Coordinate programs such as iLead
  • Lead training classes and workshops for student organizations

Office Assistant

  • Assist staff members with office tasks
  • Disseminate information to the public
  • Provide program and outreach support