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Seminars and Dialogue Programs

Learn more about quarterly seminars and dialogue programs offered by CSI-Communication and Leadership.


Seminars and programs are open to current UC San Diego undergraduate and graduate students.

Quarterly Seminars

CSI-Communication and Leadership offers non-credit seminars that develop students' leadership, professional, and social skills through fun and interactive activities and discussions.. Beginning week 2 of each quarter, the seminars meet twice a week for eight 90-minute sessions in a cohort-based learning environment. Certificates of completion and validation on students Co-Curricular Record are given to students who successfully complete a seminar.

  • Equity-Minded Leadership (Fall 2017 & Winter 2018)
  • Interpersonal Relationships (Fall 2017 & Winter 2018)
  • Public Speaking (Offered all 3 quarters)
  • Professional Communication (Offered all 3 quarters)
  • Strengths-Based Leadership (Spring 2018)

The deadline to register for all seminars is Friday of Week 1 of each quarter.

Dialogue Programs

CSI – Communication & Leadership and additional CSI Staff Members provide quarterly dialogue programs throughout the school year to engage in civil and meaningful discussions to learn about various perspectives on a range of topics.

  • Interfaith Dialogue (Quarterly)
  • Rotating Topics (Quarterly)

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Equity-Minded Leadership Seminar

Emphasizes the development of competencies on social justice and equity-mindedness through experiential activities and discussions that seek to help students:

  • Gain awareness of their social identities and group memberships.
  • Explain how socialization has impacted their identities, actions, and decision-making.
  • Understand the various levels of privilege, power, and oppression.
  • Identify practices to implement as an equity-minded leader.

Interpersonal Relationships Seminar

Emphasizes the development of social self-confidence and "people skills" through experiential learning activities that address:

  • Initiating and maintaining conversations with peers and professors
  • Assertiveness and conflict management
  • Listening and self-disclosure skills
  • Understanding personality styles and group dynamics

Public Speaking Seminar

Develop public speaking and presentation skills through practice speaking activities covering these topics:

  • Developing appropriate nonverbal communication and body language
  • Speaking with confidence and impact
  • Dealing with stage fright and anxiety
  • Speech preparation and practice
  • Preparing visual aids and utilizing technology

Professional Communication Seminar

Emphasizes the development of professional communication skills for graduate/professional school and career including:

  • Networking
  • Interviewing
  • Resume writing
  • Professional practices and etiquette
  • Developing mentor relationships

Strengths-Based Leadership Seminar

Emphasizes the recognition and development of students’ natural talents by using Strengths Framework, Clifton’s StrengthFinder, and engaging activities that seek help participants:

  • Gain an awareness of their greatest talents
  • Understand how their talents have helped them be successful in the past
  • Determine how they can use their talents in classes, the workplace, and student involvement
  • Learn about how they can further develop talents into strengths.

Interfaith Dialogue

Interfaith Dialogue workshops are held once per quarter students to share their journey of spirituality, faith, and religion; learn from differences, and discover commonalities. Students from all faith and non-faith backgrounds are invited to participate. Come prepared to learn from others, ask questions, and honor our shared humanity.

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