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UCSD Cares History

Learn about UCSD Cares, a community service campaign for student organizations, campus centers, and departments.


UC San Diego Cares Week was created after the events of September 11, 2001, to show that the UCSD community provides not only a wide array of community service on a regular basis, but also that a community can make positive, large-scale impacts if it comes together collectively to show how much it cares. 

Since 2002, Cares Week has been an annual community service campaign for student organizations, campus centers, and departments to unite and collect contributions to local San Diego charities through donations, fundraising, and mini-service activities throughout the campus and community. 

Cares has brought together up to 72 different organizations on Library Walk to show their community service through events such as penny wars, benefit concerts, service projects, awareness campaigns, art contests, and much more. 


UCSD Cares will continue to improve each year to bring about a memorable and inspiring week of community service to UCSD. Our mission is to give back to our communities and to recognize a higher level of community involvement.

With many economic, social, and political issues that need to be addressed, UCSD Cares offers endless possibilities ahead for the campus community. It's time for each of us to leave our footprints in this important part of history and show we care!