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Meet the EDI Peer Educators

2016-17 Student Staff

Adrian Rubio

Adrian Rubio

Lead Peer Educator

My name is Adrian Rubio, I am from Lakewood, CA and a brother of Beta Theta Pi. I am double majoring in physiology and neuroscience with a minor in cognitive science.  I became a peer educator in 2015 because of the cultural issues associated with Greek organizations.  In the media, we often see Greek Life associated with troubling issues and as a member of the Greek community, I wanted to practice my chapter’s values to stand and lead as an example.  I believe that as proactive and knowledge leader I can begin to fix the troubling issues within Greek Life and move forward in solving the larger issues at UCSD.
hannah cho

Hannah Cho

My name is Hannah Cho and I am a second year clinical psych major from Buena Park, CA. I joined Kappa Kappa Gamma as a first year and become an EDI peer educator shortly thereafter. Applying to be a peer educator was one of the best decisions of my college career because it allows me to take an active role in discussions that I find relevant to changing the status quo of our society. When I’m not going to class or chapter meetings, you can find me scanning ID’s at the RIMAC/Main Gym weight room… or waching Netflix… or coooking… or sleeping. #IAmActuallyASloth
tammer aboul hosn

Tamer Aboul-Hosn

Hi everyone! My name is Tamer Aboul-Hosn, but I go by Tom for short. I am a fourth year doing a double major in Chemical Engineering and International Business, and I am a member of Phi Delta Theta. As an international student, I never truly felt at home at UCSD until I joined Phi Delt as a founding father at the end of my sophomore year, and I took this job to contribute to making UCSD and Greek Life specifically, a more inclusive and welcoming community.
madison peace

Madison Peace

I’m Maddie Peace, and I am a senior Sociology major and Human Development minor here at UCSD! I spent the first 18 years of my life in Birmingham, AL, and the political culture & lack of diversity growing up is what made me want to be a peer educator and ultimately pursue Sociology as my major. This position, along with being an RA, has taught me a lot about people, myself, and that the pursuit for social justice is ongoing and requires an open mind and self-care! I also enjoy zumba, reading, baking, exercise and playing with my St Bernard!
vincent page

Vincent Page

Hi! My name is Vincent and I’m a brother of Delta Lambda Phi. My major is Urban Studies and Planning, and I’m from Temecula, CA. I became a peer educator because I am passionate about issues of social justice and want to share my experiences with, and learn from, the Greek community at UCSD.Some facts about me are that I like baking and Lady Gaga! Go Tritons!
devin sheridan

Devin Sharidan

Hi! My name is Devin and I am an Economics major from Temecula, CA. I am a member of Alpha Omicron Pi. I became a peer educator because I have a genuine interest in social issues and I love hearing other people’s opinions and experiences. I also want to help improve this community of fraternities and sororities because it has positively impacted my life in a huge way, but sometimes the bad can overpower the good. Since becoming a peer educator, I feel more connected to this community, and I feel more proud to be a part of it.
trent ollerenshaw

Trent Ollerenshaw

My name is Trent Ollerenshaw, I’m a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and a Greek Life Peer Educator as of Winter Quarter, 2017. I’m a Sociology major/Political Science minor from Seattle, Washington. I became a peer educator to continue to build upon the progress we’ve seen in our Greek community over the past several years, and I myself have been able to learn so much through this position. When I’m not working, in class, or studying… well, I’m always doing one of these three things. I used to play soccer.
theo sa kaye

Theo da Sa-Kaye

Hey! My name is Theo and I’m a Political Science and Anthropology double major. I grew up between Allentown, Pennsylvania and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Being raised in a multicultural family, I learned to appreciate early on the strengths of diversity. I decided to become a peer educator because, despite how empowering Greek Life at UCSD can be, I still see its downsides, and I believe that learning about equity, diversity and inclusion can be made into a fun, community-building process. We have the potential to create a better environment where everyone feels at home!