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Community Advisor Roles and Functions

Learn about the roles and functions of a student organization advisor.

  • Meet University expectations of advisors.

    • Attend committee meetings.
    • Provide a link between students and the University.
    • Interpret policy and take appropriate positions on delicate issues.
  • Meet your group's expectations of an advisor.

    • Meet with your group to determine expectations.
    • Attend and participate in programs.
    • Hold individual meetings with executive members.
    • Serve as a resource person.
    • Provide group dynamics training.
    • Be familiar with the group's history of highs and lows.
  • Know administrative detail.

    • Be familiar with the politics and procedures of the organization and institution.
    • Understand budget and expenditures.
  • Demonstrate advisor qualities and behaviors.

    • Know about group process theory and leadership.
    • Establish good working relationships and rapport with the group.
    • Be tactful and honest.
    • Provide effective feedback.
    • Enthusiastically support the group.
    • Admit to a mistake – be human.
    • Maximize information resources. Lack of information can be non-productive.
    • Choose the most productive time to comment at group meetings.
    • Be aware of the power of positive reinforcement.
    • Allow the group to learn from failure.
    • Observe, advise, and be aware of group dynamics; take notes and discuss with students and colleagues.


Center for Student Involvement, (858) 534-0501