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Student Organizations: How to Make Payments Using Recharge Forms at the UCSD Bookstore and Imprints

Principal members, find out how how to use recharge forms at the UCSD Bookstore and Imprints.

Note: The recharge process directly charges your student organization's account and involves no purchase orders or invoices. You must be a principal member of your student organization and have Associated Student or student org funds to use a Recharge Form.

  1. Get a Recharge Form.

    1. To get a Recharge Form, student organizations must provide a Bookstore or Imprints cost estimate to their fund manager.
  2. Take the form to the Bookstore or Imprints.

    1. Visit the customer service desk at the Bookstore to make your purchase using the Recharge Form.
    2. Provide Imprints with the Recharge Form at the time of purchase.
  3. Return receipts and Recharge Form.

    1. Return your Bookstore receipt and copy of the Recharge Form to your fund manager.
    2. Imprints will send a copy of the Recharge Form directly to your fund manager.