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Student Organizations: How to Make Payments Using Recharge Forms at the UCSD Bookstore and Imprints

Principal members, find out how how to use recharge forms at the UCSD Bookstore and Imprints.

Note: The recharge process directly charges your student organization's account and involves no purchase orders or invoices. You must be a principal member of your student organization and have Associated Student or student org funds to use a Recharge Form.

1. Get a recharge form.

To get a Recharge Form, student organizations must provide a Bookstore or Imprints cost estimate to their fund manager.

2. Take the form to the Bookstore or Imprints.

  • Visit the customer service desk at the Bookstore to make your purchase using the Recharge Form.
  • Provide Imprints with the Recharge Form at the time of purchase.

3. Return receipts and recharge form.

  • Return your Bookstore receipt and copy of the Recharge Form to your fund manager.
  • Imprints will send a copy of the Recharge Form directly to your fund manager.