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Student Organizations: How to Make Deposits/Withdrawals to/from Your On-Campus Student Org Fund Account

Principal members, find out how to make deposits and withdrawals to/from your organization's on-campus fund account.

Making Withdrawals from Your On-Campus Student Org Fund Account

Note: Only principal members of your student organization can request a withdrawal from your on-campus student org fund account.

  1. Get a Payment Request Form.

    • Download the Payment Request Form or pick up a hard copy from Student Life Business Office on Price Center East, Level 3 (map).
  2. Complete the form.

    • Fill in the information including the required two principal member signatures.
  3. Submit the form.

    • Submit the completed form to your fund manager in Student Life Business Office (Price Center East, Level 3).
  4. Direct Deposit.

    • If you wish to forego receiving a check in the mail, you can opt to enroll in Direct Deposit by going to Direct Deposit Enrollment.
      • Follow the steps outlining where to send the compelted Direct Deposit Authorization form. You may scan it to directdp@ucsd.edu with subject line "ACH Form Attached". Please disregard the note about Single Sign-On access for ASK, as that is a staff and faculty resource. 
  5. Receive your payment.

    • A check will be mailed directly to you at the address you provided.
    • Payments can take up to 4 weeks to receive.

Making Deposits Into Your On-Campus Student Org Fund Account

  • Funds in this account are intended for student organization funding on-campus events
  • To deposit funds into your on-campus student org fund account, bring cash or checks to your fund manager at Student Life Business Office located on Price Center East, Level 3
  • Checks must be payable to UC Regents. Cash should be in the highest denominations. Fund managers cannot accept large amounts, coins, or provide change. Exact change is required. 
  • Your fund manager will provide you with a deposit receipt for your records.
  • Principal members may request your organization's account balance at any time from your fund manager.