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Register or Re-Register Your Student Organization

Form and register a student organization at UC San Diego by following the steps below. Learn about the benefits of registering your student organization to help you gain access to many programs, services, and resources.

3 steps to registration process - spelled out (read the page for anohter version)


  • Returning organizations must renew their registration each academic year to be valid.
  • 2018-2019 Student Organization Registration will open on Monday, August 20, 2018 after 12pm.
  • Constitution requirements have been updated. Please review the revised Risk Management section in the updated constitution guidelines (Word Doc)

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Gather information

Complete these steps in preparation for registering your organization:

  1. Choose a name
    1. See info about using UCSD in your name and duplicate organization names (PDF).
  2. Student Type
    1. Graduate
    2. Undergraduate
    3. or Combined
    4. See About Student Organization Principal Members to help you decide.
  3. Select 4 to 8 currently registered UCSD students who will be Principal Members (PMs) of the organization.
    1. You will need their e-mail addresses to invite them as PMs.
    2. Each principal member will need to complete the registration process which includes taking the quiz below.
  4. Permanent Mailing Address
    1. Select an off-campus, permanent mailing address for summer correspondence.
  5. Determine the purpose and category of your organization.
    1. Check your specific registration category requirements for any applicable prerequisites, including:
      1. type of community advisor, rosters, insurance, other documents, or special meetings.
  6. Community Advisor is required for the following categories. Community advisors are encouraged for all registration categories.
    1. Academic
    2. Health Profession
    3. Interfraternity Council (IFC)
    4. Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)
    5. Panhellenic Association (PHC)
    6. Pre-Professional
    7. Ask a staff, faculty, or community member who is not part of the Center for Student Involvement to view the Community Advisor Training PowerPoint presentation
    8. Complete and return the Community Advisor Signature Page to the CSI office.
  7. Develop or review your organization's constitution. Make sure it includes the required 7 elements. Renewing organizations may view their constitution during re-registration. See constitution guidelines(Word Doc).


Complete the online registration process

You can register/ re-register your organization starting August 20, 2018 after 12pm.

  1. Select one PM to initiate the online registration process for the group.

    • That member will also send e-mail invitations to the other principal members so they can complete their part of the process.
  2. Complete the Student Organization Tutorial and Tritons Together - ART of Inclusive Communication workshop.
    1. In order to complete your registration, each PM must take the Student Org Tutorial & Quiz and attend the Tritons Together - ART of Inclusive Communication workshop.
    2. If you have already completed the ART of Inclusive Communication workshop previously, then you do not need to take it again; even if it you registered a different student organization.
      1. Principal Members needs to only take the workshop once.


Any of the following may change your organization's status from "current" to "pending" until updated by your CSI advisor:
  • The number of principal members falls below the required minimum of 4.
  • A new constitution has been uploaded.
  • Changes in "purpose of organization" and "category" (these can only by made by your CSI advisor)

Review the registration checklist

Your registration will be complete when:

  1. All online information is entered and your constitution is uploaded.
  2. All PMs have accepted their invitations and entered all required information online.
  3. All PMs have taken the registration quiz, electronically signed the Principal Member Agreement, and attended the ART of Communication workshop.
  4. Your community advisor signature page has been turned in to the CSI Office (if applicable).
  5. All required rosters, evidence of insurance, and liability release forms have been submitted (if applicable).
  6. You receive a confirmation e-mail from your CSI advisor indicating all tasks have been finalized

Learn the benefits of registering your student org


  • Professional event-planning assistance
  • Student organization advisors who can talk with you about goal setting, strategic planning, problem solving, and opportunities for organizational and personal growth
  • Drop-in advising


  • Access to facilities for student organization tabling, meetings, and events
  • Access to the Associated Students and Center for Student Involvement poster-making room
  • A chance to apply for office space in the University Centers


  • Eligible to request university funding for events and activities
  • Eligible to host student org fundraisers
  • Fund managers to oversee your on-campus student organization accounts


  • One Stop website, a comprehensive student organizations online toolkit where you’ll find the information you need to complete organization transactions
  • Ability to create a student organization website or a club e-mail address (once your organization is registered, request your Web or e-mail address.)
  • Opportunities to publicize your organization’s activities and events

Other resources

  • A student organization mailbox and daily mail delivery
  • Walk-up access to the One Stop Desk (Price Center East, Level 3) for space reservations, event-planning questions, consultations, and advisor appointments
  • Student organization leader trainings and leadership resources

Graduate student organizations

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