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What Is Bystander Intervention?

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Bystander intervention is when one person chooses to take a stand, speak up, or step in when witnessing an uncomfortable situation.

The UCSD Bystander Intervention Model

Created by UCSD students and staff, this model can empower you with the skills needed to become a responsive bystander in everyday situations. Check out the 4 As and IDEAS for getting involved!

  • Acknowledge

    Notice the situation and follow your instincts.

  • Assess

    Evaluate your options for responding.

  • Act

    Choose which IDEAS are best and act:

    • Interrupt
    • Distract
    • Engage Peers
    • Authorities
    • Safety
  • Affirm

    Pat yourself on the back for doing something.

Request a BIT workshop

BIT is available to students, staff and faculty. We can customize BIT for your organization or department. Contact SARC at (858) 534-5793 for more information.

Find Help

Be a good friend and bystander. Find help for a friend with these contacts.