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Health, Recreation & Well-Being Leadership Award Program FAQs

How long do I have to complete the program?

The program is designed to be completed within a year. However, participants will have up to two years to complete all requirements.

If a class or workshop is listed under more than one dimension, do I get credit within each of those areas?

(For example: The Student Personal Wellness Program is listed under Intellectual Wellness and Physical Wellness — would this class count for both areas?)

Some classes are listed within more than one area because they relate to more than one Dimension of Wellness. However, participants must choose only one dimension which they want their workshop or class to count towards. Unfortunately, participants will not receive credit towards both areas.

Some classes and workshops seem to take place on numerous days throughout the quarter — does this mean that I have to attend every day that is listed?

Typically, if a class or workshop lists multiple dates, this will mean that you only need to attend one of the dates to fulfill the requirement. However, some classes and workshops specify in the description that weekly attendance is mandatory, and for these classes or workshops you must attend all dates to receive credit towards the requirement.

When should I submit evaluation forms for the classes and workshops I have attended?

It is strongly suggested that you complete the evaluation form soon after you attend a class or workshop. At the very latest, evaluation forms should be submitted within the same quarter that you attended a class or workshop.

How can I check on my progress and see what areas I still have to complete?

You may contact the Program Coordinator, Iris Crowe-Lerma, at any point to check your status and progress within the program. You may reach her at:

What if I can’t attend any of the classes or workshops this quarter?

A new schedule of classes and workshops will be available every quarter. If you cannot fulfill a certain requirement due to schedule conflicts, check the schedule for the following quarter and there will most likely be an option that you can attend. Updated schedules will be available around finals week of each quarter.


Contact Program Coordinator Iris Crowe-Lerma at (858) 822-7618.

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