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COVID-19 Resources and Ideas

Learn about the some of the Students with Dependents resources that may assists you during COVID-19.

During this difficult time of unrest and uncertainty, we recognize and commend students with dependents for managing various responsibilities, including, but not limited to being a student, a caregiver, an educator, a financial supporter, or so much more. As we continue to navigate through the Summer months and prepare for the 2021 Fall Quarter, we want to provide resources that may be most helpful as you continue to navigate this remote environment. 

COVID-19 Testing

  • On-Campus Students & Dependents
    • If you are a student, you have free COVID-19 Testing and please make sure you complete the Student Symptom and Exposure Screening tool. 
    • If your dependents are living on campus, your dependents can acquire free COVID-19 Testing from UCSD. Check out this decision tree on whether you are eligible for testing. If you are eligible, then please contact the Health System COVID Testing Line (619-543-8260) to schedule a test.
  • Off-Campus
    • If you live off campus and your dependents are seeking free COVID-19 testing, then please look into the following state and county resources. 

Home School Resources & other academic resources

Basic Needs

Since the launch of the UC Global Food Initiative in 2015, UC San Diego has taken strategic action to ensure students have access to a variety of resources to meet their Basic Needs. And the Basic Needs Center has continuously worked hard to support Students with Dependents during COVID-19. Please check out our Basic Needs webpage or the UCSD Basic Needs website for more information.  

Child Care

During this remote learning environment, child care is even more critical and important. Therefore, we hope you visit our Child Care Solutions webpage for resources on identifying financial support and options for child care. Below we listed a few resources that have resulted from COVID-19. 

Financial Support

COVID-19 has caused many financial impacts within the San Diego community. As we continue to navigate the challenges with bills, unexpected and expected expenses, and loss of wages, we hope the resources below will assist with overcoming some of the financial expenditures. 

Additional Information

As we get more information and resources, we will do our best to update this page as frequently as we can.