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Pilot Priority Enrollment Program for Undergraduate Students with Children

Parents on Steps

If you are a student-parent who provides primary care for a minor dependent you may be eligible for priority enrollment. This is a *pilot* program intended to increase community among student-parents while assisting student-parents in their academic achievement. Currently the program is under review to transition into a permenant program. 

The program is intended to alleviate complications related to scheduling conflicts between parental responsibilities and UCSD classes and course work. To be eligible you must qualify through several criteria:

  1. Your status as a parent must be verified through the UCSD Financial Aid Office using information from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If you have not yet completed the FAFSA, do so as soon as possible at fafsa.ed.gov. Allow several weeks for the financial aid office to receive the information from the central processor.
  2. We ask that you explain how priority enrollment status will assist you in your (a) Academic Success (b) Personal and Family Wellbeing. This is done on the priority enrollment request form.
  3. We ask that you join the UnderGrad Student-Parent Network at UCSD and subscribe to the UnderGrad Student-Parents e-mail list. You will be updated about family friendly events on campus. We do not require that you attend the events, but it is required that you stay on the list serve and remain a student organization member. These requirements reflect the intention of the priority enrollment program to serve as a supplement to a greater student-run support network for student families.
  4. Complete quarterly feedback forms on the priority enrollment program and surveys on student parent programs. 

For information on how to apply please e-mail studentparents@ucsd.edu.


For more information, contact studentparents@ucsd.edu.