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UCSD Babysitter Resource

Interested in babysitting? Connect with parents who need babysitters.

UC San Diego's Work/ Life office maintains the UCSD Babysitting Resource Program where registered students can care for children of UCSD faculty, staff, or students.

Ways to use this resource

  • Register by completing your Babysitter Profile. You will be asked to log in with your PID.
  • View the parent job postings once you've registered, and contact a parent whose needs fit your background and availability.

Tips for sitters

  • Before you accept a job, find out what is expected of you and make sure you are comfortable with those expectations.
  • Be punctual, allowing extra time before the parents leave to get instructions and information you need.
  • Contact the parents immediately if you need to cancel due to an illness or emergency. 
  • Discuss payment directly with the parent. $10-15 per hour is the standard rate based on your experience and the number of children.

For parents

If you are a UC San Diego parent seeking a babysitter, visit the Blink babysitting page.

Disclaimer: Neither UC San Diego nor the UCSD Work/ Life Program screens babysitters on this resource list. Babysitters are employed solely by the parents they work for, and are not employees of UCSD. UCSD makes no representations to the parents as to the qualifications of the babysitters on this list. UCSD makes no representations to the babysitters on this list as to the nature of the parents using this list. In addition, UCSD and the UCSD Work/ Life Program make no representations to babysitters or parents concerning the nature of the services provided. The parents and babysitters acknowledge that UCSD is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, claim, lawsuit, or other damage arising from, or related in any manner to the parent’s and babysitter’s use of this resource list or the individuals appearing on it.