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Chancellor's Scholars Program

Learn about the Chancellor's Scholars Program, a leadership development program for students who are recipients of the prestigious Chancellor's Scholarship.

The Chancellor's Scholars Program is a mentorship and leadership development program for students who are recipients of the prestigious Chancellor's Scholarship. The program supports Scholars' UC San Diego experience guided by the several learning outcomes. Through Emeriti mentoring and instruction, UC San Diego Chancellor's Scholars will:

  • Identify strategies for career path development and goal achievement;
  • Critically analyze their communication effectiveness in relation to leadership and fellowship theory and practice;
  • Demonstrate the process for creating and delivering effective oral presentations using supporting materials;
  • Identify several UC San Diego campus resources and articulate their opportunities for serving UC San Diego students.


Chancellor's Scholars benefit from:

  • Faculty mentoring through the Emeriti and Faculty Mentor Programs (Visit the Emeriti Mentor Program webpage for more information)
  • Peer mentoring with upper-division Chancellor's Scholars
  • Ongoing leadership, communication and professional skill development
  • Social and community service activities with other Chancellor's Scholars
  • Exposure to student resources and involvement opportunities
  • Membership, engagement and leadership in the Chancellor's Scholars Alliance (CSA) student organization


Chancellor's Scholars Program Meetings

The weekly meetings of the Chancellor's Scholars Program offer Scholars the opportunity to connect with other Scholars, Emeriti Mentors, your instructor, and professional staff. All Chancellor's Scholarship recipients are expected to participate fully in the Chancellor's Scholars Program weekly meetings. The required Wednesday evening meetings are designed to develop Scholars leadership and communication skills effectiveness and share information about UC San Diego resources vital to success at UC San Diego. The meetings occur each Wednesday throughout the academic year from 5–6:15 p.m., at the UCSD Study Abroad Dance Hall (UC 409).

Students who participate fully in the Chancellor's Scholars Program will be recognized at the Chancellor's Scholars Program Closing Reception held near the end of spring quarter, and given co-curricular credit.

The Emeriti Mentoring Program and Dream to Reality Workshops

Chancellor's Scholars participating in the Emeriti Mentor Program will initiate meetings with their Emeriti faculty mentor on an individual basis. Mentors volunteer their time and are eager to work with Scholars, providing both academic and professional counsel. Two quarterly "Dream to Reality" workshops during Wednesday evening meetings focus on identifying pathways to specialized careers and will focus on a variety of fields including health sciences, health science specialties, arts and humanities, social sciences, engineering, math, and computer science. Dream to Reality sessions are designed so that Emeriti Mentors can share their keen professional advice for making Scholars' career aspirations a reality.

Sponsors and Contact

For more information, contact the UCSD Emeriti Association.