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How to Fulfill the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement

Find out how to meet the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement.

Facts about the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR):

  • Undergraduate students must demonstrate a proficiency in English composition.
  • If you do not fulfill the requirement before starting classes at UC San Diego, you will not be able to enroll in university-level writing classes.

How to meet the writing requirement:

Prior to your enrollment at UC San Diego, you may meet the requirement in a number of different ways, including ACT/SAT test scores, AP/IB examination scores, or a passing grade in a transferable college course. See current guidelines for meeting the Entry Level Writing Requirement.

If you haven't met the requirement with a test score or course:

If you don't pass the Analytical Writing Placement Exam:

You will be placed into an Analytical Writing class. You must take this course during your first quarter at UC San Diego.