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Placement Exams and Proficiency Exam Schedule

Find a list of academic placement exams, when they are offered, and the location of each exam.


The placement and proficiency exam schedules for each quarter are posted on Friday of Week 5 of the previous quarter. You can also read general information about placement exams.

Exam Dates and time Location Comments
Language Proficiency (reading portion)

Due to the COVID-19 situation, new procedures have been devised to allow students to do the language proficiency exam remotely. For full instructions and to request an exam refer to the Proficiency Exam website.

Note: Proficiency Exams only need to be completed if required for college/major/minor language requirements or for certain Study Abroad programs. If you are intending to figure out which course to enroll in, then you will need to complete a Placement Test. More information about placement can be found here.

Language Proficiency
(oral portion)


Math Placement (required for MATH 2, 3C, 4C, 10A OR 20A)

For date, time and location visit the Math Placement website.

Bring a No. 2 pencil and photo ID. Results are good for 1 year. Calculator use is permitted, except for a TI-89. For more information, see the Math Placement website.

Pre-registration is required (no walk-ins are allowed). Students can register by visiting the website mathtesting.ucsd.edu.

UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam For date, time and location, visit the Analytical Writing Placement Exam webpage.


Bring photo ID. You may fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement by writing a passing essay on the Analytical Writing Placement Exam (which is required of all students who have not otherwise met the requirement). This examination may be taken only once. Students who fail will be required to enroll in an AWP class. For more information, see the Analytical Writing Program website, awp.ucsd.edu.