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Placement Exams and Proficiency Exam Schedule

Find a list of academic placement exams, when they are offered, and the location of each exam.


The placement and proficiency exam schedules for each quarter are posted on Friday of Week 5 of the previous quarter. You can also read general information about placement exams.

Exam Dates and time Location Comments
Language Proficiency 


For full instructions and to request an exam refer to the Proficiency Exam website.

Note: Proficiency Exams only need to be completed if required for relevant college/major/minor language requirements. If you are intending to figure out which course to enroll in, then you will need to complete a Placement Test. More information about placement can be found here.

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

The MPE places students into the following courses: MATH 2, 3B, 3C, 4C, 10A, 20A, and 18.

Visit the MTP website for MPE exam times and dates for each quarter.

Free on-campus testing at the Applied Physics and Mathematics Building (AP&M).

Remote testing via ProctorU (for $20).


See the Math Placement website for full information on the MPE, to view the current MPE schedule, and to register to take the MPE.

Students must have a valid photo ID and must register for testing sessions in advance. MPE results are valid for one year. 

Writing Placement Process (WPP)

The WPP places students into College Writing, AWP 3, or AWP 4A-4B. Students placed in College Writing will have fulfilled the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR).

Visit AWP’s Placement page for updated information.

All first-year incoming freshmen must fill out the ELWR Survey in the Applicant Portal as soon as they accept their offer of admission. Those who have not fulfilled the ELWR must sign up for a WPP date. Before the fall quarter starts, students must either fulfill the ELWR (and thus can enroll in College Writing courses) or be placed in an AWP course by the WPP.