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Campus Emergency Contacts

Use these numbers or links for information, or to report an emergency at UC San Diego campus facilities.

For emergencies dial 9-1-1

Or on a cell phone dial 858-534-4357

Campus Emergency Status Information *

(888) 308-8273

Environment, Health & Safety

(858) 534-3660

Facilities Management

(858) 534-2930

Office of the Ombuds

(858) 534-0777

Counseling and Psychological Services

(858) 534-3755

Rape (Student Safety Awareness / CARE@SARC)

(858) 534-5793

Sexual Harassment

(858) 534-8298

Student Health Services

(858) 534-2165

Information Technology (IT) Services

(858) 246-4357


When using a cell phone to call for an emergency on campus, dial (858) 534-HELP.

Dialing 911 from a cell phone will reach the nearest California Highway Patrol, and not the UCSD Campus police.

* UCSD Campus Emergency Status Info:

Recorded message:   (888) 308-8273 (308-UCSD)

Emergency Status Website

In the event of a major emergency affecting the campus, call the toll-free number for a recorded message, or check the Emergency Status page for real-time updates on possible campus closures, interruption of classes and work schedules, and any special instructions to faculty, staff, and students.

The phone number is maintained through an out-of-state telecommunication service to ensure it will be available following an earthquake or other major disaster.