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About Grades

Find out how letter grades affect your GPA and degree requirements. Also read about P/NP, S/U, I, IP, W, and blank grades.

What grades mean to you:

  • A, B, C, D, or F grades reflect your performance in a class and result in grade points that count toward your GPA. You must be enrolled in a class through the ninth week of instruction to earn one of the following grades:
    • A+, A, A- = Excellent
    • B+, B, B- = Good
    • C+, C, C- = Fair
    • D = Poor
    • F = Fail
  • P/NP and S/U (Pass/ Not Pass and Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory) show that you've either passed or not passed a class. Classes with P and S grades count toward your unit requirements for a degree but do not apply to your GPA.
  • I (Incomplete) indicates that you have requested extra time to complete a class because of circumstances beyond your control (e.g., illness or a family emergency). If you don't complete the class, an Incomplete will become a permanent F, NP, or U.
  • IP (In Progress) signifies classes that extend over more than one quarter. If you see an IP on your academic history, check with your department advisor.
  • W (Withdraw) doesn't affect your GPA. It is assigned in these situations:
    • You drop a class or withdraw from UCSD between the beginning of the fifth week and the end of the ninth week of classes. (If you withdraw before the end of the fourth week, the class doesn't appear on your academic history.)
    • You drop certain labs after the second scheduled meeting.
    • A student may receive a maximum of one "W" per course, per Academic Senate Regulations.
  • A blank entry after a class means that the instructor didn't assign a grade. If you don't contact your instructor to resolve the blank grade before the end of the next quarter, the grade will become a permanent F, NP, or U.