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Degree Audits

Learn how degree audits work and how you can run a degree audit to see your current status toward fulfilling your degree requirements.

What is a degree audit?

A degree audit is an analytical tool that enables you and your academic advisors to assess your progress toward completion of your major requirements, college general education requirements, university requirements, and (if applicable) minor requirements.

A valuable tool for academic planning and course selection, the degree audit aligns your in-progress and completed course work with the requirements of your degree program.

How to run a degree audit

Run a new degree audit when you log on to MyTritonLink to get an updated look at your progress toward your degree.

UC San Diego's degree audit system provides results in real time, so you can run an audit when you change your classes or once grades are posted. The degree audit is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Log on HERE.
  • The "Request an Audit" page appears, listing your currently active degree program(s). Click Run Declared Programs.
  • Your new degree audit is now ready to view. Click the View Audit link.
  • Degree Audits are a snapshot in time of your progress towards degree completion. Audits are deleted by the system after 7 days. Run a new audit to show your latest academic information. If you would like to save an audit, save a PDF to your computer.
  • See screen shots and details in How to Run a Degree Audit (PDF).

How to read your degree audit

  • Your degree audit is broken up into individual components:
    • Major(s)
    • Minor(s)
    • College general education (GE) requirements
    • University requirements
  • See a degree audit example (PDF) with notes describing each section.

General Catalogue vs. Degree Audit

  • The General Catalogue is the official repository of the curricular requirements for degree audits. If there are inconsistencies between the General Catalogue and the Degree Audit, the General Catalogue shall be deemed correct. Any errors on the Degree Audit do not automatically grant students an exception to their degree requirements. If you discover an inconsistency, report it to Advising Staff.
If you need help, log into the Virtual Advising Center, or contact your academic department advisor.