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How to File for Your Degree (Undergraduates)

Find out how to file for graduation.

Keep in touch with your advisors.

Meet with your college and department advisors at least once per quarter during your academic career.

Review your degree audit.

Periodically review your degree audit online to check on your academic progress. Ensure that all your degree requirements will be met prior to your intended quarter of graduation.

All degree requirements are listed in the Course Catalog. Students are expected to know their degree requirements and to ensure that their degree audit accurately reflects their academic achievements and that any discrepancies or problems are reported to an advisor in their major or college.

While the university makes every effort to ensure that degree audits are accurate and current, errors are still possible. If correcting an error results in a deficiency in degree requirements, students may be required to take additional classes in order to meet that requirement. Exceptions are never guaranteed and can delay when your degree is finalized.

File for your degree.

File to graduate via the Degree and Diploma Application (DDA) Wizard.

  • If you file for graduation but do not graduate, contact your college via the Virtual Advising System (VAC) or college advising office to retract your application. You must submit another DDA for the appropriate quarter of graduation.
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