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Part-Time Study (Undergraduates)

Find out if you're eligible for part-time status. If you're an undergraduate approved for part-time status, you may be eligible for reduced fees.

Definition: You are a part-time undergraduate student if you're approved to enroll for 10 or fewer units per quarter.

Note: No special approval is required to study part-time during the summer.

Eligibility and enrollment

  • You can be approved part-time status for reasons of:
    • Employment: Verification of 30 or more hours per week of employment on letterhead from employer is required.
    • Family responsibilities: Documentation of immediate family responsibilities is required.
    • Medical: Verification from a doctor for serious or sustained illness or injury.
    • Graduating senior status: May apply for only one of final three quarters of enrollment.  Maximum of one quarter of part-time status will be approved for reason of graduating senior.
  • Your college must grant approval for you to enroll as a part-time student.

Application and approval

  • Complete the Part-Time Study Application (E-Form).
    • Application and supporting documents must be submitted prior to the end of the 2nd week of classes the quarter you apply for part-time status.
  • Approval for part-time study exempts students from the 36 unit-per-year minimum progress requirement.
  • Approval for part-time study is granted for one of the following:
    • One full academic year, fall through spring quarters
    • Winter through spring quarters
    • Spring quarter only
  • Undergraduate students must reapply for approval each fall quarter.
  • Approval is not automatic, and should not be assumed.
  • Application deadline:
    • You must apply for part-time study by the end of Week 2 of the quarter, and obtain approval.
    • If you've already paid full registration fees, contact Student Business Services to request a refund.
    • If you haven't paid the registration fees for the quarter and you file the application after the fee-payment deadline, you will be charged late fees.
  • Note: If you're receiving financial assistance, be sure to contact the Financial Aid Office regarding eligibility requirements.
  • Note: If you're an international student, your Part-Time Study application will be routed to the International Center and must be approved by the International Center in addition to your college.  International students are eligible for part-time study for medical and graduating senior reasons only.  Questions: (858)-534-3730 or istudents@ucsd.edu

Reduced fees and billing

If you have been approved for part-time study and are enrolled in 10 or fewer units at the end of the second week of classes, you are eligible for a reduction of:

  • One-half of tuition (formerly Education Fee)
  • One-half of nonresident supplemental tuition, if applicable

Part-Time fee table

Mandatory Registration Fees CA Resident CA Non-Resident
UC System Fees    
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition   $4, 447.00
Student Services Fee $358.00 $358.00
Tuition (formerly Education Fee) $1,870.00 $1,870.00
UC San Diego Fees    
Campus Activity Fee $67.25 $67.25
University Center Fee $93.12 $93.12

Recreation Facility Fee

RIMAC Facility $85.00

Canyonview Facility $22.00

$107.00 $107.00
ICA Student Activity Fee $131.45 $131.45
Health Insurance* $671.00 $671.00
Student Transportation Fee  $51.47 $51.47
Document Fee (Fall Quarter, one-time, newly admitted students) $165.00 $165.00
2016-17 Quarterly Total $3,514.29 $7,961.29


Students in the following colleges are assessed an additional college activity fee. Muir, 11.00; Revelle, 9.00; Thurgood Marshall, 6.00; Warren, 8.14; Eleanor Roosevelt, 10.00; Sixth, 11.12

*Health Insurance is required as a condition of enrollment. Students are automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) however, students already covered by an insurance plan may qualify for a health fee waiver.  Please see the Student Health Insurance Plan page for more information, including waiver criteria, submission process and deadline.

Change in status

  • If you drop to 10 units or fewer after the end of Week 2 of classes, you won't receive a fee reduction.
  • If you receive a reduction in fees and you increase the number of units you're taking to 10.5 or more anytime in the quarter, you will be billed for the difference for full-time fees.
  • If you make any adjustments to your schedule Weeks 2 through 4, please check your student account. If you see that you have been incorrectly assessed full-time tuition, please contact the Registrar's Office.
  • Any adjustments made after Week 4 could result in assessment of full-time fees.  Courses dropped with a "W" grade are included in total enrolled units.