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Language Courses at UC San Diego

Learn about language courses and programs available at UC San Diego, and how to enroll in them.

UC San Diego is known for its innovative, non-traditional approach to language instruction. Multiple units share language instruction rather than having individual departments for English, French, Spanish, or Asian or Romance languages.

Lower division: Where to begin to find language courses at UC San Diego

Upper division & graduate study language courses

Upper-division (and some graduate level) language courses can be found in the full list of languages courses available at UC San Diego.

Placement & proficiency exams

Advanced placement exams & other transferable credits

Previous experience with foreign languages may fulfill some or all of your requirements or prerequisites. See a list of colleges, majors, and minors with language requirements.

Transferable credit may be applied through:

List of language courses

Check out all of the lower division, upper division and graduate courses offered at UC San Diego:

More language resources: Directed Study, Global Seminars, Heritage Language, Study Abroad, Summer Session & Digital Learning

UC San Diego offers multiple programs to help you develop your language skills:

Use the Virtual Advising Center if you have any questions to contact your college advisor, your major advisor, and the department, program, or school offering the language or course you need.

If you have suggestions or comments about these language Web pages, contact Marie Sidney in Academic Affairs.