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Summer Session 2020 Registration Fees

Find tuition and fees for Summer Session below. All fees are subject to change.

Full payment of all fees is required to complete registration. Due to shortened timelines in summer, your bill may come after fees are due. Refer to the Summer Session calendar for due dates and important deadlines.

Students registered in all three Summer Sessions (Session 1, Session 2, and Special Session) within the same calendar year will automatically be refunded one set of campus-based fees. Refund will occur after the end of the last summer term. All fees must be paid in advance.

UC San Diego Undergraduate Students Other UC Campus Undergraduate Students UC San Diego Graduate Students All Other Visiting Students
Student Type: Current and Incoming Students Visiting from Other UC Schools Students from Other U.S. Colleges/ Universities, High School, UC Alumni, Community Members
UC San Diego Fees
Tuition per Unit $279.00 $279.00 $349.00 $349.00
University Center Fee $50.73 $50.73 $50.73 $50.73

Recreational Facility Fee

RIMAC Facility $47.50

Canyonview Facility $11.00

$58.50 $58.50 $58.50 $58.50
ICA Student Activity Fee $129.52 $129.52   $129.52
Document Fee (one-time fee for newly admitted students) (PDF)       $80.00
Summer Session Application Fee   $50.00   $100.00
Sample Total per Session
One 4-unit course $1,354.75 $1,404.75 $1,505.23 $1,814.75
Two 4-unit courses $2,470.75 $2,520.75 $2,901.23 $3,210.75

For students enrolled in other UC San Diego advanced degree programs:

Fees differ for students in the following UC San Diego graduate and professional school programs. Reference the links below for additional information:

Other Potential Fees & Costs

Material fees:

  • Some courses may require material fees; all students enrolled in those courses must pay the material fee. Please refer to the course description on the Schedule of Classes.

Program fees:

  • Travel study courses and Global Seminars have a program fee attached to the course, which is charged in addition to the tuition. Please refer to the course description on the Schedule of Classes.
  • Summer Success Programs (SSP) charge a program fee in addition to the tuition. The SSP program fee is not attached to the course. Please refer to the fee section for each program: Programs for Freshmen and Programs for Transfer Students.

Late fees (non-refundable):

Other potential Summer Session costs: