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Link to information on various types of fees for UCSD students.


Your registration fees:

Special circumstances:

  • Schedule of Refunds: If you withdraw from UCSD, you may be eligible for a partial or full refund of prepaid fees.
  • Tax Credits for Educational Expenses: You or your parents may be able to claim a credit against your federal income taxes for certain post-secondary educational expenses.
  • Waiver or Deferment of Fees: If you're entitled to a waiver or deferment of fees, the amount will show as a credit on your billing statement.

Other types of fees:

Fees for students who are not residents of California:

  • Residence for Tuition Purposes: If you're a nonresident student, make sure you read carefully through the pages that explain how the University of California establishes residence, and how continuing students may change their residence classification.

Eligibility for reduced fees for part-time students: