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Information for Prospective Students: Undergraduates

Find out more information about the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines, your residency classification and how you can connect with a Residence Deputy.

Residency Guidelines for the Purposes of Tuition 

Residency for purposes of UC tuition is specific to the University of California and separate from the California Community Colleges and California State University systems and may be different from residency for purposes of UC admission and other state rules or regulations governing residency for other purposes.

The law governing the establishment of California residence for tuition purposes is contained in the Standing Orders of The Regents of the University of California. UC regulations for California residence for purposes of tuition and fees are exactly the same for all UC campuses.

Prospective students are encouraged to review the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines and our website for further information regarding the requirements.

Applicant Portal

Residency for tuition purposes information is viewable in the Applicant Portal.

Visit the Applicant Portal

Reviewing Residency Information in Your Applicant Portal

Applicants to UC San Diego may be assigned to complete a series of residency forms within their UC San Diego Applicant Portals. Based on the answers on their forms, applicants may also be asked to provide additional documentation for Residence Deputy review.

Assigned Forms

  • All assigned residency forms will appear under the "Forms" heading in the "Review & Submit" section in your Applicant Portal. 
  • You will be required to submit any outstanding forms before you are able to accept your offer of admission.

Requested Documentation

  • All requested residency documentation will appear under the "Items Checklist" heading in the "Review & Submit" section in your Applicant Portal. 
  • You will need to upload all requested documentation through your UC San Diego Applicant Portal under “Upload Materials”.   

Viewing Your Residency Classification

  • Applicants who are admitted to UC San Diego will have access to view their residency classification within their Applicant Portal when it has been determined.
  • To view the residency tab in your portal, navigate to the “Discover” dropdown menu in the top toolbar and select “Residency.”
  • If your residency classification has not been determined, please follow the instructions as outlined in your tab. You also encouraged to review the the FAQs listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

I made a mistake on my residency form. How can I correct it?

What documents do I need to submit in my UC applicant portal?

  • Please refer to the email sent to you from for specific instructions regarding the residency documents that you must upload.  
  • The documents that are requested from you will also appear under your “Items Checklist” under the “Review & Submit” section in your UC San Diego Applicant Portal.  
  • Please upload the requested documents through your UC San Diego Applicant Portal under “Upload MaterialsBe sure to label your uploaded documents to correspond with the upload materials checklist name.   

I uploaded all my documents, but they still show as “awaiting” in my checklist. What do I do?

  • Please ensure that you label your upload to correspond with the upload materials checklist name for the document. Otherwise, the document will not show as received.

I cannot provide all of the documents requested. What do I do?

  • Please submit as many of the documents from the list as you can. If you cannot provide any of the requested document(s), you may include a written explanation as to why in place of the document(s).

I have completed all my forms and uploaded all documents. What is my residency classification?

  • If assigned, you may view your residency status in your Applicant Portal in the “Discover” tab. Navigate to “Discover” and then “Residency”. We welcome you to check your residency tab regularly for updates on your status. 

Inquiries regarding UC residency for purposes of tuition should be directed to a campus Residence Deputy in the campus Registrar’s Office or to a Residency Analyst in UC Legal, Office of the General Counsel. No other office, entity, or individual is authorized to provide Residency information on behalf of the University of California.

Connect with a Residence Deputy

Prospective students are encouraged to email with any questions they have. Alternatively, prospective students can drop-in to Zoom for virtual office hours from April 1st - June 1st.

Zoom Office Hours: 

Wednesdays 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. | Thursdays 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.