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How to Repeat a Class

Find out if you're eligible to repeat a class for credit, and how to do it.

1. Assess your eligibility to repeat a class.

  • Facts for undergraduates include:

    • Generally, if you received a D, F, NP, U, or W, you may be able to repeat the class.
      • You may also be able to repeat a grade of C- in a course that is approved to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement.
    • If you earned a D or F in a class, you can only repeat it for a letter grade.
    • All grades you earn are recorded on your transcript.
    • Generally, the first 16 units of repeated classes for which you received a D, F, or NP won't be used to calculate your cumulative GPA.
      • However, courses approved to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement, along with the prerequisites of those courses, are not counted against the first 16 units of repeated classes.
    • Generally, if you repeat a class in which you've received a D grade, you will retain the units earned from the initial D grade; you will not receive additional units.
  • Facts for graduate students include:

    • Graduate students must petition in advance to repeat any class for credit.
    • If you earned a U, you can only repeat the class for an S/U.
    • If you earned a D or F, you can only repeat the class for a letter grade.
  • Both the original grade and the grade received in the repeated class apply to your GPA.
  • Read the Academic Senate policy on repetition of courses.
  • Financial Aid Recipients: Please be aware that repeating a class may impact your financial aid eligibility.  For more information, please contact Financial Aid and Scholarships. 

2. Repeat the class.

  • Undergraduates, simply re-enroll in the class. After you complete the class, the Registrar will add the correct code to your transcript.
  • Graduate students, you must file a petition and receive advance approval to repeat a class. The online form to request to repeat a course is available through the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs, here: Please consult with your home department/program.

3. Check your transcript.

  • After you complete the class and after grades for that quarter are posted, check your transcript by looking at your Academic History.
  • A repeat code at the far right of the class lets you know how your class data has been adjusted.
  • Courses which can be taken more than once for credit may not count as a repeat by default.
  • If you do not see repeat codes on your Academic History after both classes have been graded contact Academic Records for more information.
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