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How to Transfer Courses (Undergraduates)

Learn how to transfer outside course work to UC San Diego.

General Guidelines

Use the following general guidelines to make sure that your course units will transfer to UC San Diego:

  • Courses should not repeat material you have already completed
  • Courses should be taken in the proper sequence
  • Courses should be substantially similar to those offered by the University of California

Types of Institutions

Consider how the type of institution you attend impacts if the class is transferable.

  1. California Community Colleges
    • Refer to the ASSIST website to determine course transferability
    • Follow the general guidelines listed above
  2. Other UC Campuses or UC Extension
    • Courses numbered between 1 and 199 are transferable
    • Follow the general guidelines listed above
  3. Institutions outside of California
    • The institution must be regionally accredited
    • Follow the general guidelines listed above
  4. Institutions Outside of the United States
    • The institution must be recognized by the country’s Ministry of Education or higher-education authority
    • Follow the general guidelines listed above
    • Consult with an advisor at the Programs Abroad Office if you are:
      • A US student planning to study abroad
      • A student holding an F1/J1 visa planning to study in countries other than your country of citizenship
      • Contact the Programs Abroad Office at the International Center, 2nd Floor; by phone at 858-534-1123; or by email:

Identify courses that you can transfer.

  1. Check UC San Diego requirements:
    • A grade of C- or better may be required by certain departments. Please check with your department for clarification.
    • Prior approvals for substitution of transfer courses for UCSD requirements are required by some colleges and departments. Ask your college or department advisor for additional information.
    • Writing courses are restricted at some colleges. You must take all of your writing courses at UCSD if you attend:
      • Thurgood Marshall College
      • Eleanor Roosevelt College
      • Earl Warren College
      • Seventh College
  2. Use ASSIST, an online student-transfer information resource, to check approved lower-division courses taken at California community colleges.
  3. See your college or department advisor for possible additional approximations or substitutions.

While we do not provide formal, written pre-evaluations or authorizations, we may review with you the proposed course work and the criteria we use in determining credit transferability. Should you wish for an Admissions Officer to consider your course selection with you prior to enrolling in the course, please stop by the Triton Center (1st floor, Student Services Center) during business hours.

Transfer the course work:

  1. Arrange to have your official transcripts sent from the institution you attended to the UC San Diego Admissions Office.
    • Send transcripts by mail: You must order an official transcript from your academic institution which must be sent to us directly in a sealed envelope addressed as follows:
    • University of California, San Diego
      Office of Admissions
      Attn: Transcripts
      9500 Gilman Drive, Mail Code 0021
      La Jolla, CA 92093-0021

    • Send transcripts electronically through Parchment, a safe and secure method of requesting your official transcript(s). If your school is registered with Parchment to send electronic transcripts, please order transcripts through your school's website or create an account with Parchment directly. We also accept transcripts electronically through eTranscriptCA, Credential Solutions, eScripSafe, Scribbles, SCOIR, and National Student Clearinghouse if your academic institution is registered with these e-transcript vendors.
    • Please check whether your school utilizes these e-transcript vendors to send transcripts and order through your school's transcript ordering process. Make sure you select University of California San Diego in La Jolla, CA as the receiving school if you choose one of these e-transcript vendors. Some vendors may list our school as UC San Diego.
  2. The final determination of transferability (including units and level) will be made only after the Office of Admissions receives the official transcript of your course work from the college or university you attended.
  3. Transfer work for new incoming students will be evaluated by the Office of Admissions.
  4. Transfer work for students who have completed their first quarter at UC San Diego will be evaluated by the Office of the Registrar. Allow up to 3 weeks after receipt of the official transcript for transfer credit to be evaluated and posted by the Office of the Registrar.
  5. Check with your college or department for additional reviews or approvals of your transfer work once it’s been posted to your UC San Diego record.
Questions? Contact:
  • New incoming students and students within their first term at UC San Diego:
  • Continuing students who have sent transcripts after enrolling in their first term and want to know if those transcripts have been received should email:
  • Continuing students who have completed their first term at UC San Diego with questions about their transcript evaluations should email:
  • Questions about how a class applies to major or minor requirements should be directed to that department
  • Questions about how a class applies to general education requirements should be directed to your college