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Cross-Campus Enrollment (UC Online)

Through cross-campus enrollment and the UC Online website, University of California (UC) students can take online courses across the UC system.

About the program

Current UC San Diego students have access to a growing list of quality online courses taught by expert faculty across the UC system. Courses taken through cross-campus enrollment can help satisfy degree requirements or let you explore new subjects outside their degree. UC San Diego students are permitted to enroll in a maximum of one UC Online course per quarter.


You are advised to consult with your college and major academic advisors about the course you intend to enroll in. Advising staff can discuss how the coursework will transfer and if it will meet graduation requirements.

Information about these courses can be found on the UC Online website.


Before you enroll, verify you meet the program requirements:

  • Complete one quarter at UC San Diego as a matriculated student.
  • Maintain 12 units at UC San Diego in the term you are participating.
  • Be in good academic standing.
  • Be prepared academically (e.g. complete course prerequisites, etc.) as determined by the host campus.

How to enroll

  • Visit the UC Online website
  • Click Find Courses and Enroll
    • Select your home campus (UC San Diego).
    • Students can search for classes by term and subject area.
    • Click on the Course Title to view more information about the course and to enroll.
    • You will receive an email confirming enrollment.
  • Meet with your College Academic Advisor to verify the course will meet your academic goals. If you're attempting to meet a major requirement, meet with your Major Academic Advisor.
  • Manage enrollment with UC Online Support if you need to change grading option or drop the course.

Home campus approval

All enrollments require approval from UC San Diego's Office of the Registrar. Notifications are sent to the Office of the Registrar upon student enrollment through the UC Online website.

The following program requirements will be verified by the Registrar:

  • Student has completed one quarter at UC San Diego as a matriculated student.
  • Student is enrolled in a minimum of 12 units for the term they are applying.
  • Student is in good academic standing.
  • Student is prepared academically (e.g. completed course prerequisites, etc.) as determined by the host campus.
  • All tuition fees have been paid in full for the term the student is applying.

Manage your enrollment

All enrollment can be managed with UC Online Support. You can change grading option and drop classes, provided they are within the host campus enrollment deadlines. For questions regarding host campus deadlines, please contact the Office of the Registrar for that campus.

Transferring completed coursework

At the end of the term, the host campus will send your grade to UC San Diego Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Admissions staff will evaluate and transfer the completed work. All work is transferred as UC credit.

For any questions regarding the processing of transferred coursework, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Operations Unit at (858) 534-4208, or email

Frequently Asked Questions

I receive an error when I input my information. What should I do?

Most of the time the error can be resolved by checking and correcting one of the following:

  • Please ensure that you are inputting “none” (no quotations) for your City of Birth.  

  • Please ensure that you are inputting the email address we have on record for you.  

    • For students visiting from UC Santa Barbara, please ensure that you are inputting your email address with the “” ending.

    • For students visiting from UC Riverside, please ensure that you are inputting your "" email address. 

If you have verified that the information you are entering is correct and you are still receiving the error message, please email with a screenshot of the information you are entering so that we can verify that it is a match for what is in our system.

How do I access my course?

If your enrollment is approved, you will receive a welcome email from If the course is hosted in UC San Diego’s Canvas, you will need to create your UC San Diego account to gain access to your course. Your welcome email provides you with instructions to activate your campus credentials. If you do not receive your welcome email within 48 hours of your enrollment being approved, please contact

I've successfully created my account, but I don’t see my course in Canvas. What should I do? 

Please allow up to 3 business days from the time you set up your student account to gain access to your Canvas course, although access may be provisioned sooner. If you do not have access after three business days after setting up your student account, you may email for assistance.

Note: Your instructor does not grant you access to your Canvas course – this all happens automatically through your registration. Please ensure that you’ve followed the student account set up process as explained in the welcome email and confirm that your instructor is using Canvas before contacting support.  

How can I change my grading option or drop my course? 

Please verify that the deadline to change your grading option or drop your course has not passed. Deadlines can be found on our Enrollment and Registration Calendar. 

If the deadline to change your grading option or drop a course has not passed, please connect with the UC Online Support team to assist with the change to your enrollment.  

How do I order my transcript? 

UC San Diego will automatically send an official transcript to your home campus upon completion of the course. If you need to order additional transcripts, please follow these instructions.


For more information and support: