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Student Computing Responsibilities

Read about the Acceptable Use Policy and UC San Diego student computing responsibilities.

Failure to follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) may lead to the loss of student computing privileges. When you sign your Statement of Intent to Register, you agree to follow the AUP.

Follow these practices to protect your account and your computer.

Protect your information:

Use resources appropriately:

  • Only download or publish copyrighted materials that you have written permission to use.
  • Preserve computing facilities and equipment.
  • Use your account for class and personal work only.
  • Don't send or forward junk or chain mail.
  • Don't use scanning or hacking tools.

Maintain your email account:

  • Email is an official means for students to communicate with faculty and staff, so check your email regularly.
  • Your email account has a limited amount of space, so purge old email regularly. If your mailbox is full, you won't receive new emails.
  • Only open emails from people you know.

Get assistance from the ITS Service Desk: