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Triton Registration Installment Plan (TRIP)

Find out how to pay your mandatory registration fees in monthly installments through TRIP (Triton Registration Installment Plan).

Read the information below before you enroll in TRIP (Triton Registration Installment Plan).

Mandatory registration fees TRIP will pay for:

  • Non-resident Supplemental Tuition
  • Student Services Fee
  • Tuition
  • Campus Activity
  • Graduate Student Association
  • University Center
  • Recreation facility
  • ICA Student Activity
  • Student health insurance

TRIP will not pay for:

  • Housing (if you need to change your housing installment plan, please contact Housing at 858-534-010 or housinginfo@ucsd.edu). 
  • Books
  • Parking fees

Enrollment options

Trip is only offered fall, winter, and spring. You can enroll for one quarter, the academic year, or every quarter you are a UCSD student. If you withdraw from UCSD for one quarter or more, you must reapply. 

How TRIP works

  • You can apply at any time. To take advantage of the three installments, you must apply for TRIP prior to the first billing due date of each quarter. 
  • You must be enrolled and have no holds to use TRIP to make payments.
  • Your first payment includes your nonrefundable application fee ($30 or $45) and one-third of your mandatory registration fees.
  • Your remaining 2 installments will be billed later in the quarter.
  • You must pay each installment by its due date. Look for the charges in the Pay Your Current Balance section when you view and pay your bill.

Late payment penalties

If you miss a due date, you can incur the following penalties:

  • Cancellation from your classes
  • A hold on your account
  • A $50 late fee

To cancel TRIP

Go to TRIP online. If the TRIP fee has already been applied to your account for the current quarter, you will not be able to cancel TRIP on Trionlink, and you must contact our office at 858-822-4727. Please be advised you will not receive a refund on the application fee. 

Cost to use TRIP