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About Your E-Bill

UC San Diego does not issue paper bills. Instead, UCSD sends an E-Bill notice to your UCSD-issued e-mail address when your bill is ready to be viewed and paid.

How E-Bill works

  • UCSD sends an E-Bill notice to your official UCSD e-mail account when your bill is ready. The purpose of this notification is to let you know that your bill is ready to be viewed and paid. 
  • You can authorize up to 3 additional users to also receive E-Bill notices and pay using E-Check (additional authorized users are limited to your financial information).

Tips to make E-Bill work for you

  • Check your official UCSD e-mail account regularly so you don't miss your E-Bill notifications. These are sent monthly anytime there is financial activity, a balance is due, or a credit is available on your student account. 
  • Authorize a parent or other payer to receive E-Bill notifications. Authorized parents/payers can view and pay your bill online.
  • Use E-Check to pay your bill online. Parents or other payers can also make payments using E-Check.
  • Be sure you know How to Read Your Bill.

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