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Student Internships

An internship is one of the best ways to gain experience while you're still in school, as well as network with peers and potential employers.

Internship Supersite

UCSD's Career Services Center is an excellent internship resource for students. They'll help you find an internship that's right for your interests, skills, and availability.

Port Triton

Port Triton is UC San Diego's database of off-campus jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and on-campus jobs (including work-study).

Academic Internship Program (AIP)

The Academic Internship Program is actually a cluster of programs/ academic courses that offer you an opportunity to apply academic knowledge and analytical skills in professional internship and community settings while earning academic credit.

Internships abroad

UCSD's Study Abroad office can help you find internship opportunities around the world. Some help you gain work experience, and others may provide academic credit.

Research Experience & Applied Learning (REAL) Portal

The REAL Portal is a tool for students to create research profiles and find research opportunities — a one-stop-shop for all things undergraduate research.

  • Explore the REAL Portal to get involved in research.

Summer research opportunities

UCSD is committed to providing graduate and undergraduate students with a wide range of summer research opportunities, both on and off campus.


UCDC is an academic program created in 1997 for the purpose of providing approximately 30 students per quarter an opportunity to continue their studies while interning for a quarter in Washington D.C.

More internship opportunities across campus: