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Our Affiliates

The Center for Ethics & Spirituality's affiliates regularly promote our services and programs to their members and the CES likewise promotes the events of our affiliates.

Affiliates also regularly collaborate with the CES on programming. Most importantly, affiliates must commit to engaging in a dialogue of life — striving to live in an open and neighborly spirit, sharing their joys and sorrows, as well as their human problems and preoccupations with people of different worldview identities.

Spiritual Wellness Coaches

Spiritual wellness coaches at the CES are drawn exclusively from the off-campus spiritual communities of our campus affiliates. Membership is open to any spiritual student organization that:

  1. Is registered with the Center for Student Involvement and
  2. Supports the vision, mission, and values of the CES.

Student Interfaith Council

The Student Interfaith Council is a collaboration of affiliate student organizations committed to engaging in most forms of interreligious dialogue:

  • Regular informal interactions with people of different worldviews;
  • Quarterly service with people of different worldviews organized by the CES; and
  • Quarterly interreligious dialogue co-sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement
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