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Changing Your Legal Name in University Records

Students, find out how to change your name on all of your university records after a legal name change.

If you are a student that wishes to change your name on all of your university records after a legal name change, please complete the following steps:

NOTE: Your Student ID Number will remain the same.

International Students

Contact the  International Student Office, (858) 534-3730 before you change your name.

1.  Gather Supporting Documentation

The Registrar requires a copy of one of the following documents to change your name:

  • Court order
  • Naturalization certificate
  • Dissolution of marriage judgement with maiden name restored
  • Marriage certificate, license, certificate of confidential marriage, or certified abstract of marriage
  • Valid state-issued driver's license or ID card, Social Security card, or passport (all printed with new name)

2.  Complete a Change of Name Request Form

Submit the online Request to Update or Change Name or SSN/ITIN form. You can also use this form for name corrections. This form is only available to individuals with a record in the student information system and cannot be submitted on behalf of someone else.

3.  Notify Others

It's your responsibility to notify other offices or university services of your name change. These can include your major department, university housing, or health insurance, for example.