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How to Select the Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grade Option

Graduate students, find out about the requirements for an S/U (Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory) grade option.

Make sure you understand the S/U grading option.

Facts about S/U:

  • Only graduate students can choose the S/U grade option. (Undergraduates, read about the P/NP grade option.)
  • The deadline to choose a grade option is the end of week 6.
  • An S indicates the equivalent of a B- or better.
  • You can choose S/U for classes that are either S/U permitted or S/U only.

With the approval of your department and the instructor, you can:

  • Take any undergraduate class or any graduate class outside your major department on an S/U basis.
  • Take any class on an S/U basis if you have advanced to candidacy for your Ph.D. degree.

Read the Academic Senate policy (section E) on S/U grades.

Follow these steps if you decide to take a class S/U.

  • Check with your department to make sure you're selecting the correct grade option for your required classes.
  • Select the S/U option on WebReg when you enroll in the class.

If you have questions, contact: