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How to Select the Pass/ Not Pass (P/NP) Grade Option

Undergraduates, you might want to choose the P/NP (Pass/ Not Pass) grade option when you're uncertain how well you're going to do in a class or when you don't want a class to count toward your GPA.

  1. Make sure you understand the P/NP grading option.
    1. Some facts about P/NP:
      • Only undergraduates can select P/NP. (Graduate students, read about the S/U grade option.)
      • If you are in good academic standing, you can choose P/NP unless the course is approved otherwise by the Academic Senate.
      • With the exception of units earned in independent study courses (numbered 199), and any class taken in Spring 2020, Winter 2021, or Spring 2021 quarters, no more than one-fourth of your total UCSD course units can be P/NP.
      • Your department may not allow P/NP in your major.
      • The deadline to choose a grade option for Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters is the end of week 6.
      • Your course work must be equivalent to C- or better to receive a P.
      • P/NP courses count for unit requirements but not toward your GPA.
      • Courses numbered 195, 197, 198, and 199 are P/NP only.
    Read the Academic Senate policy (section D) on P/NP grades.
  2. Follow these steps if you decide to take a class P/NP.
    1. Contact the appropriate advisor to determine if a P/NP is right for the class:
      • Your college advisor can tell you if it meets General Education requirements.
      • Your department advisor can tell you if a P/NP will meet your major requirements.
    2. Select the P/NP grade option on WebReg when you enroll in the class.
    Note:  If you're already enrolled for a letter grade and want to change to P/NP, you must do so on WebReg within the first six weeks of the quarter. Read about How to Change a Grading Option.

If you have questions, contact: