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How to Request/ Remove an Incomplete

If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from completing a class, you might be able to request an Incomplete (I).

Notice to Graduating Seniors:

Requesting an "Incomplete" in your final quarter, or extending an "Incomplete" past the quarter you requested for graduation will delay the final processing of your degree. Your degree cannot be posted to your record while any of your grades are "Incompelete" and your diploma cannot be ordered until after your degree has been posted to your record.

  1. Make sure you're eligible for an Incomplete.
    • If you're not passing a class because you've simply fallen behind, you're not eligible for an Incomplete.

    Read the Academic Senate policy (section B) about Incomplete grades.

  2. Request an Incomplete.
    • Contact your instructor to find out if requesting an Incomplete is appropriate in your circumstances.
    • The deadline for submitting a request to your instructor for an incomplete shall be no later than the first working day after final examination week.
    • Note: Your instructor may require the submission of an Incomplete Form. If so, please contact your department advisor for assistance.
      • If you can't complete the form because of illness, absence, or other circumstances, contact your instructor or department advisor for help.
  3. Make up (remove) the Incomplete.
    1. You must complete your work by the date given by your instructor.
      • This date can be no later than the last day of the next quarter's finals, excluding Summer Session.
      • Incompletes will lapse to a F, NP or U grade at the end of week 10 of the next quarter, excluding Summer Session.

        If you don't complete your work by the date given by your instructor, the lapsed failing grade becomes permanent.
    2. The instructor will assign the new grade to replace the Incomplete.
    Note: You do not need to re-enroll in the course.
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