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About Grades

Find out how letter grades affect your GPA and degree requirements. Also read about P/NP, S/U, I, IP, W, and blank grades.

What grades mean to you:

  • A, B, C, D, or F grades reflect your performance in a class and result in grade points that count toward your GPA. You must be enrolled in a class through the ninth week of instruction to earn one of the following grades:
    • A+, A, A- = Excellent
    • B+, B, B- = Good
    • C+, C, C- = Fair
    • D = Poor
    • F = Fail
  • P/NP and S/U (Pass/ Not Pass and Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory) show that you've either passed or not passed a class. Classes with P and S grades count toward your unit requirements for a degree but do not apply to your GPA.
  • I (Incomplete) indicates that you have requested extra time to complete a class because of circumstances beyond your control (e.g., illness or a family emergency). If you don't complete the class, an Incomplete will become a permanent F, NP, or U.
  • IP (In Progress) signifies classes that extend over more than one quarter. If you see an IP on your academic history, check with your department advisor.
  • W (Withdraw) doesn't affect your GPA. It is assigned in these situations:
  • A blank entry after a class means that the instructor didn't assign a grade. If you don't contact your instructor to resolve the blank grade before the end of the next quarter, the grade will become a permanent F, NP, or U.
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