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Explanation of Registration Fees

Read about mandatory registration fees, which are subject to change.

Non-resident Supplemental Tuition

Applies to students who are not classified as California residents according to UC residency requirements. Supplemental tuition is in addition to UC and campus fees.

Student Services fee

Covers services that benefit the student and are complementary to, but not part of, the instructional program.

Tuition (formerly Education fee)

Covers part of the cost of the student education at the University of California.

Campus activity fee

Voted by a student referendum to support student activities on campus.

University Center fee

Covers construction and operation of the Student Centers.

Recreation facility fee

Voted by a student referendum to support student recreation on campus.

ICA student activity fee (undergraduates only)

Supports UCSD intercollegiate athletic teams.

Graduate Association fee (graduate students only)

Supports social, cultural, and education events for graduate students.

Student Transportation fee

Voted by student referendum to support mass-transit services to students.

Health insurance

Provides health insurance for all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

CAPS/Student Mental Health fee

Voted by student referendum to expand and increase mental health services to all undergraduate, graduate, and professonal students.

One-Time International Student Visa Administration fee

One-time fee provides a range of services to international students and compliance with federal reporting and regulations.

One-Time Document Fee

One-time fee allows for standard processing of transcripts, verifications, co-curricular records and first replacement diploma.

Note: For additional explanations of registration fees, please visit the Descriptions of Charges section on the UCOP Student Tuition, Fees and Deposits page.