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How to Declare a Minor (Undergraduates)

If you're an undergraduate and you want to declare a minor, follow the steps below.

Find your Undergraduate Minor Code.

Facts about minors:

  • A minor is a set of courses within a well-defined subject. Examples: African Studies, Philosophy, etc.
  • Academic departments and programs may offer minors. The requirements must include at least 28 units, including at least 20 upper-division units.

Declare a minor:

  1. Make sure you understand the general university requirements for minors.
    • Lower-division classes can apply to both your major and your minor.
    • You can't use upper-division courses that satisfy your major to fulfill your minor requirements.
    • You can't use an upper-division course to satisfy the requirements of more than one minor.
    • Read the Academic Senate policy on minors (section E).
  2. Check on specific requirements for the minor you've selected.
    • Read your minor's entry in the General Catalog's courses and curricula section.
    • If you want to declare a minor that's not in the catalog, check with the department advisor.
    • Check with your college advisor to see if your college requires a program of concentration and how that would affect your eligibility for declaring a minor.
  3. Complete an Undergraduate Declaration of Minor using the Major/Minor tool.
  4. If you need to change a course in your approved minor, contact the department directly.

If you have questions, contact the appropriate resource: