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Dine & Coffee With a Prof: COVID Edition

Meet remotely with a professor or graduate TA, and learn more about your course or area of study.

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We understand the value of meeting with your professor and/or graduate teaching assistant (TA) during your tenure here at UC San Diego. So, we have created a COVID Edition of the Dine/Coffee with a Prof series to help bridge the gap between the next time we will all be on campus.

This program allows you, the student, to meet remotely and speak directly with the professor / graduate TA of your choice in order to gather insight concerning the course or career opportunities in your field of study. These conversation topics can be rewarding for both students and professors / graduate TAs!

Guidelines and Participation

Undergraduate students may participate twice per quarter during the academic year. COVID Edition is not available through summer sessions.

  1. Contact your professor / graduate teaching assistant to schedule a virtual or in-person meeting on a specific day and time.

  2. In-person meetings need to follow Return to Learn COVID-19 guidelines for students and faculty.

  3. After completion of your meeting, your professor/graduate TA must email your College contact person and copy you, to confirm that you successfully met. Use the email addresses shown below.

    • Please note that at this time, COVID Edition is not offering a meal incentive as Dine/Coffee with a Prof has in the past. However, once students, faculty, and staff safely return to campus, your College would like to contact you and offer a token of appreciation for participating in COVID Edition. This is why it's important for the professor/TA to verify your meeting by sending an email to the College.


College Contacts

Be sure your professor or graduate TA verifies your meeting by sending an email to your College!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Student eligibility: The COVID Edition program is open to all currently enrolled UC San Diego undergraduate students. Graduate students are not eligible.
  • Faculty eligibility: The professor or graduate teaching assistant must be currently employed by the University. They cannot be staff, administrative advisors, counselors, or fellow undergraduate students.

How can students contact their professor / graduate TA?

Go to your College’s website, search faculty to locate your professor / graduate TA’s contact information. Send an email requesting a Dine/Coffee with a Prof COVID Edition virtual meeting.

Can multiple students meet with the same professor / graduate TA at once?

Yes, students may coordinate up to three people per meeting. Each student must register with their own PID to participate, and the professor / graduate TA must confirm the meeting for each student afterwards.

Can I participate in the program more than once per academic year?

Yes, students may participate twice each academic quarter (Fall, Winter, Spring). This is up to six times a year! Remember that the program is not available during the summer sessions.

Can I invite my Graduate TA for this program instead of a professor?

Yes, students may invite their graduate TAs.

What if I am not currently enrolled in a class with a professor or graduate TA with whom I am interested in meeting — can I still invite them?

Of course! However, the professor or graduate TA must be currently employed by the University.

Something came up and we have to reschedule. What should I do?

Not a problem! Reschedule your meeting with the professor/graduate TA and update your College contact via email.

I do not live on campus or in San Diego — can I still participate?

Yes, if you are currently enrolled in classes and are an undergraduate student then you can participate virtually. Schedule a Zoom meeting (or another digital meeting platform) that works for both.

My professor and I can't meet anymore. What should I do?

Ask another professor or graduate TA to meet with you and update your College contact via email.

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