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Academic Success: Campus Resources

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Find learning opportunities and campus resources to help you reach your maximum academic potential.

Explore these links and take advantage of these programs and services — they're here to help you!

If you're looking for help with a specific class or subject, see the list of tutoring and study programs.

Study skills & general academic support

Academic integrity

  • Academic Integrity Office: What to know about academic integrity at UC San Diego — how cheating is defined, how to avoid plagiarism, the consequences for cheating and plagiarism, and links to lots of outside resources for learning how to improve your study and research skills.
  • UC San Diego Policy on Integrity of Scholarship: It's your responsibility to be aware of the campus policy on academic integrity. For students, this means that all academic work will be done by the individual to whom it's assigned, without unauthorized aid of any kind.


  • Virtual Advisor: Connect online with your college's academic advising office.
  • Your college advisor will help you optimize your quarterly course schedule, help you select or change your major, and make sure you complete all college GE requirements and advance toward graduation.
  • Your department advisor will help you with major or minor requirements and help you select courses in that department. The department advisor can also help you with prerequisites, petitions, and degree checks, and can refer you to faculty members for research and career advice.

Books & supplementary materials

Communication skills

  • Center for Communication and Leadership: Helps you build confidence and develop skills in public speaking, interpersonal communication, and leadership (which can affect your general academic performance).
  • Triton Toastmasters: Overcome your fear of public speaking and learn how to communicate with confidence.

Organizations & clubs

Research opportunities

Transfer student support