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Student Legal Services Workshops

Learn about a variety of educational workshops offered by Student Legal Services, and see this quarter's calendar of scheduled events.

About SLS workshops

Student Legal Services (SLS) conducts workshops and lectures throughout the academic year to educate students about their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Workshops are normally led by SLS staff members. Some feature guest speakers who are experts in the field.

Complete 4 workshops in different subject categories to earn a certificate and gain knowledge that will help you avoid legal problems. For details and sign-up information, read more about SLS's Discover the Law program.

Workshop topics

Space is often limited for Landlord-Tenant Clinics and other popular workshops. Call us at (858) 534-4374 to reserve your spot.

Workshop topics aren't always offered every quarter, but you can consider a customized workshop or lecture for your student group or organization if you don't see a topic that interests you.

Frequently offered workshop topics include:

  • Fight Your Ticket! Have you recently received a traffic citation? Do you have questions about what happens now? An attorney will answer your questions and provide tips on how to handle a court appearance.
  • Family Law Overview: Having a problem with child support? Thinking about a divorce or separation? The Family Law Overview will provide you with information and guidance about common family law issues such as child custody, community property, divorce, and prenuptial agreements.
  • Landlord-Tenant Clinics: Having a problem with a landlord, roommate, or anything involving your living situation? The Landlord-Tenant Clinic is the place for you. We provide detailed information about common housing issues that students face, and will take questions to ensure that your individual needs are met. Space is limited for this popular workshop. Call us at (858) 534-4374 to reserve your spot.
  • Party Time, Not Jail Time: We'll explain how to address alcohol and drug-related citations (for example, minor in possession, DUI, etc.) and will provide guidance on how to avoid receiving these types of citations.
  • What Does It Mean to Be 18? Find out what rights and responsibilities you acquire when you turn 18 and become a legal adult. Here's your chance to sort out fact from fiction!

Past workshop topics include:

  • What to do if you're arrested
  • Careers in law
  • Credit and bankruptcy questions
  • Gambling: Off-line and online
  • Hazing
  • HIV/AIDS discrimination
  • Identity theft and online fraud
  • Illegal downloading and file-sharing
  • Internet privacy and social networking
  • Moving off-campus
  • Tax information (for U.S. citizens or international students)
  • Traveling to Mexico (or other overseas locations)

If you have questions, want to suggest a new workshop idea, or wish to request a workshop tailored to your student organization's needs, contact Student Legal Services, (858) 534-4374.


If you're an individual with a disability who requires an accommodation, please e-mail us or call (858) 534-4374 at least 2 weeks before the event to increase the likelihood that we can provide appropriate accommodations. Read UCSD's Disability Access Guidelines and UCSD's Commitment to be Accessible to Individuals with Disabilities for more information on UCSD accommodation policies.