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Student Legal Services: Information for Parents

Student Legal Services (SLS) provides free, confidential counseling on legal topics, education, and attorney referrals only to registered UCSD undergraduate and graduate students.

Your student can schedule an appointment by calling (858) 534-4374.

Students who wish to bring a parent or support person to their counseling session may do so, but the student will be asked to give SLS written permission for anyone else to be present during the counseling session.

Why do students seek help from Student Legal Services?

Students acquire many life skills over the course of their college years. Most young adults have little experience entering into binding agreements, dealing with a car accident, resolving questions about insurance, renting an apartment, safeguarding their personal and financial information, or addressing many other situations that adults encounter. SLS aims to equip students with information to prevent legal problems and make informed decisions.

Tips for helping your student avoid legal problems

  • Encourage your student to read contracts and other documents carefully before signing them. Students are often in a rush. Many students do not take the time to read lease agreements, gym memberships, car repair contracts, or other important documents until after they have a problem.
  • Assure your student that it is all right for him or her to look out for his or her own best interests. Some students feel pressure to enter into agreements or make other commitments because they do not want to disappointment their friends who they feel are counting on them. Other students are reluctant to ask for copies of agreements — or anything at all in writing — because they do not want to "cause problems." Empower your student to make sensible choices and to assert and protect his or her rights.
  • Remind your student to shred any documents that contain personal information. Students often receive credit card applications and other documents that an unscrupulous person can use to access bank accounts or other financial information. Help your student develop the habit of shredding documents that contain account numbers, social security numbers, and other personal information before throwing them away.
  • Suggest your student take good notes outside of class, too. Students (and others) often forget names, dates, and details from important conversations. Encourage your student to take notes when asking questions about financial and employment concerns, lease agreements, health care options, important purchases, service contracts, and other significant matters.
  • Encourage your student to visit Student Legal Services! View map and directions.

See the list of services available to individual students and student organizations.

Questions? Contact Student Legal Services, (858) 534-4374.