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Enrollment Checklist (Undergraduates)

Check the topics below for important enrollment information for undergraduate students.

Note: Summer Session may have separate procedures; see the Summer Session website.

Enrollment appointment times

  • Check WebReg for your first and second pass appointment times for the next quarter.  The date of when enrollment appointment times are viewable for the quarter can be found on the Enrollment and Registration calendar
  • You will be assigned an appointment based on the number of units you have completed.

Enrollment and fee payment holds

  • Go to Holds. Contact the office indicated to clear each hold.
  • WebReg will not allow you to enroll or Add/ Drop/ Change unless all enrollment holds have been cleared.
  • The Cashier's Office can't process fee payments until all fee payment holds have been cleared.
  • If you requested a waiver of the Undergraduate Health Insurance premium, the waiver can't be applied to your account until all fee payment holds have been cleared.

Enrollment limitations

  • You are allowed to enroll in 11.5 units during the first pass and 19.5 units, including wait-listed courses, during the second pass up until the first day of instruction.
  • If you do not enroll during your first pass appointment, you must wait until your second pass appointment.
  • Starting the first day of instruction, you may enroll in up to 22 units, including wait-listed courses.
  • Starting on Monday of Week 1 of the quarter, you may request to enroll in more than 22 units via Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).
  • Submit a request through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy) for classes that can't be added or dropped using WebReg.

Prerequisite requirements

  • Current enrollment in a prerequisite class will satisfy a prerequisite.
  • If you satisfied a prerequisite by taking a class at another college or university, contact the department offering the class to be authorized to enroll.
    Note: Transfer equivalencies may not have been entered into the system.
  • Some classes require departmental approval. To enroll in these classes, contact the department.

Other restrictions on enrollment

  • WebReg will also check for these restrictions:
    • Major
    • College
    • Class level
  • Refer to the far left column in the Schedule of Classes for codes indicating type of enrollment restrictions that apply to each class.
  • If the system blocks your enrollment in a class you are eligible for, contact the department for approval.

Department approval procedure

Wait lists

If the section you want is full, WebReg will offer you the option to enroll in another section of the class, or to wait-list the section that is full.

  • Wait-lists will only be available during second pass appointments.
  • You can wait-list no more than one section of a course.
  • You can't be enrolled in a class and wait-listed in a different section of the same class.
  • For detailed instructions, see How to Wait-List a Class.
  • You can be wait-listed and enrolled in no more than 19.5 units as of the second pass, and no more than 22 units once the quarter has begun.

Class confirmation

  • Be sure that all information is correct, including your grading option and units.
  • If a wait-listed course was added to your schedule, it will be included in your schedule on WebReg.
Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office, email or (858) 534-3150.