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What to Do Before Enrolling in Classes (Undergraduates)

Undergraduates, follow these steps before you enroll.

1. Talk to your college advisor

  • Get required or suggested class listings from your advisor. Use the Virtual Advisor to ask a question or make an appointment. Advising for the next quarter starts Monday of Week 6 of the current quarter.
  • Need additional help in planning classes? See an advisor in your major or minor department.

2. Complete all prerequisites

  • If you have not completed and received a qualifying grade for any required prerequisite courses, you will be automatically dropped from the affected course or wait list.
  • To request authorization to enroll in a class please submit a request through the Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).

3. Use the Schedule of Classes to check class information

  • Go to the Schedule of Classes.
  • Check prerequisites for the classes you're interested in.
  • Check class restrictions for the classes.
  • Use WebReg to plan your schedule.

The Schedule of Classes is available Friday of Week 5 of the current quarter.

4. Be sure not to exceed quarterly enrollment limitations

  • During fall, winter, and spring registration, you can enroll in up to 11.5 units during the first pass.  During the second pass you can enroll in up to 19.5 units, including wait-listed courses.
  • Starting on Monday of Week 1 of the quarter, you may request to enroll in more than 22 units via Enrollment Authorization System (EASy).
  • For Summer Session, the limit is 12 units. For more information, see Summer Session Overview.

5. Check and clear your holds

  • Go to Holds.
  • If you have holds, contact the office that placed the hold to get it removed.

Some holds may prevent you from registering for the upcoming quarter.

6. Check your enrollment appointment time

7. Check class repetition rules if you plan to repeat a course