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How to Enroll in Individual Classes (Community College and CSU Students)

If you are a California Community College (CCC) or California State University (CSU) undergraduate student, find out how you can enroll in individual UC San Diego courses through the Cross Enrollment Program.

Make sure you are eligible

  • The Cross Enrollment Program is open to undergraduates only.
  • To be eligible, you must:
    • Have completed at least one term at your home campus as an admitted student
    • Be enrolled for at least 6 units at your home campus for the current term
    • Have a grade point average of 2.0 (grade of C) or higher for work completed
    • Have paid tuition and fees at your home campus for the current term
    • Have completed appropriate academic preparation as determined by UCSD
    • Meet California residency requirements as determined by your home campus
    • Not have been previously disqualified academically from UCSD

Choose a class

  • Go to UCSD's Schedule of Classes.
  • Under "Select search term," select the term during which you plan to attend.
    • Note: If it is Fall Semester on your home campus, you will attend Fall Quarter at UCSD. If it is Spring Semester on your home campus, you will attend Winter or Spring Quarter at UCSD.
  • Under "Find courses: by subject", select one or more subjects, and press "Search".
  • Choose the course you want to take.

Arrange for academic advising

  • Academic advising is available at your home campus only.
  • Check with your academic advisor to make sure the UCSD course you plan to take will transfer back to your home campus and count toward your degree.

Obtain approval and verification from your home campus

  • Complete the student portion of the Application for Cross Enrollment (PDF). Be sure to review of the Policies and Procedures for Cross Enrollment (page two of the Application).
  • Submit the form to the registrar or other cross enrollment officer at your home campus.
  • After your application is approved, make sure the form has an official signature and is stamped with the school seal. Take the approved application with you to UCSD.
  • If the UCSD course has prerequisites, obtain a copy of your relevant transcripts to show you can meet the requirements.

Get UCSD approval for the course

  • Take your completed application to the UCSD class when it first meets.
  • Get the instructor's signature on your application.
  • Contact the UCSD department that sponsors the course to get your application stamped.
  • UCSD approval is valid only for the quarter specified and subject to space availability, deadlines, registration procedures, or other UCSD requirements.

Submit the completed application to the UCSD Registrar's Office

  • In person to the Registrar's Office located in the Student Services Center, 2nd floor (see our hours and location info), or
  • Submit original application by mail:
    UC San Diego
    Office of the Registrar
    9500 Gilman Drive #0022
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0022

Pay all applicable fees

  • After the Registrar's Office approves your enrollment, view and pay your bill online.
  • In addition to the non-refundable per-unit fee, you may also be charged for:

You will need your PID (personal ID number) and PAC (personal access code) to use UCSD's online tools. You receive your PID when you are accepted into the Cross Enrollment Program. Find out how to get your PAC.

Check into financial aid

  • Financial aid is available only through your home campus. Check with your financial aid office.

Review UCSD administrative procedures

  • Read UCSD's expectations for student conduct and academic integrity.
  • Cross-enrolled students who want to drop their class must email their name, PID and request to be withdrawn from Cross Enrollment.  The administration fees assessed upon enrollment are non-refundable.
  • Review the link to resources that describe course-related procedures, including enrolling in classes, making changes, and withdrawing.
  • Cross-enrolled students are subject to the same deadlines as UCSD students. Review the Enrollment and Registration Calendar for the applicable academic year.

Learn about UCSD services and resources you can use

  • Link to information about parking on campus.
  • Present your Application for Cross Enrollment form with home campus verification for the current quarter to get a library card and use UC San Diego libraries.
  • You are eligible for a Student Campus ID card at UCSD.
  • You can use UCSD Health Services, but for emergencies only.
  • See Student Life for more information about UC San Diego's student organizations and activities.

Take these steps after you complete the class

Questions? Contact the Registrar's Office, email or (858) 534-3150.