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Child-Friendly Study Areas 

UCSD Offers two child friendly study rooms. By "child-friendly" we mean that it is a room with children's books and activtities where you may supervise your children while you study. Nursing mothers and fathers with bottle-fed infants welcome! Crawling infants can crawl around while the parent studies. 

Please be aware that these rooms are designed to be used during direct adult supervision only. Parents, not the university, are completely responsible for their child(ren's) safety and actions at all times. Never leave a child of any age unattended for any period of time, as such action would jeapordize the availability of this service. 

Please clean up after yourselves and do not leave outside toys or food inside the room when you leave.

If other students are using the room when you arrive, please be aware that they must vacate the room for library patrons who have children. If you need assistance, just ask library staff. 

Happy family study time! 

Child-Friendly Study Room in Geisel Library 

Located on the main floor of the UCSD Geisel Library in the Science and Engineering wing. It is open during normal library open hours. 

Geisel Child Room

Geisel Child Room Map

Mother and Daughters

Mesa Family Lounge 

Located at UCSD Mesa Graduate and Family Housing at Community Room 9184 Regents Rd. This room is great for studying, social events, play dates and more! The room is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a code given to residents of mesa housing. If you are a non-resident and would like to request access, please email rsotten@ucsd.edu and copy studentparents.ucsd.edu with your request. 

Mesa Family Lounge Map

Empty Family Lounge Mesa        Girl Beads FL Mesa   Girls Mesa Family Lounge House