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Parental Part-time and Leave Options

We all need a break sometimes to help us reach our goals! Part-time and leave/withdrawal options will help you organize your life and move towards graduation.

Note: The following information is a summary of policies from the Registrar’s Office, Graduate Division, and Housing. Check those office's websites for the full policies regarding part-time study and leave of absence.

For undergraduate student-parents

Part-time study for undergraduate students

"Family responsibilities" are one of the approved reasons for part-time status. Documentation and college approval is required. Check the Part-Time Study page for complete details.

Housing policies and part-time status

If you are an undergraduate student and you already live in housing you may remain in housing on part time status for up to three non-consecutive quarters. If you need to remain enrolled part-time for two or three consecutive quarters, contact Housing to request an exception. Your part-time status must be approved by your college. Contact Housing for further information.

Financial aid and part-time status

Depending on your financial aid package, a transition to part-time status will affect your award. Be sure to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor while you consider your options.

Withdrawal as an undergraduate student

If you feel the need to withdraw for one or more quarters read the information provided by the Registrar’s Office on the withdrawal process.

Housing policies and withdrawal as an undergraduate student

Undergraduates who withdraw and already live in campus housing may remain eligible for housing if they re-enroll full time the following quarter. If you need to re-enroll part time the following quarter, contact the housing office to request an exception. You will need to provide college approval of your withdrawal.

Undergraduates may only be enrolled part time or on a leave for a combined total of three quarters during their residency at on campus housing. Summer quarter is not included; residents do not need to remain enrolled for summer quarter.

For graduate student-parents

"Family responsibilities" are one of the approved reasons for half-time status. Petitions are available from your graduate coordinator.

Financial aid and half-time status

Students receiving financial aid are advised to consult with the Financial Aid office for regulations and procedures that may affect them.

Leave of absence

A graduate student who is bearing a child, who has primary responsibility for the care of an infant or child under the age of five, and is in good academic standing may request an additional leave of absence and specify "parenting" or "maternity" on the leave form as the reason.

Housing policies: leave of absence and half-time status for graduate students

  • If you are a graduate student-parent who is on an approved leave of absence and you already live in housing, you may remain in housing for the duration of each approved leave of absence.
  • During an approved leave of absence you may apply for and move into UCSD campus associated family housing.
  • If you are a graduate student-parent on an approved part time status you may remain eligible for housing for up to three quarters at part-time status, however this substitutes for your standard leave of absence (3 quarters non-parenting leave). You may request one additional part time quarter, for a total of four quarters part time. This fourth quarter substitutes your option to remain enrolled part time for your last quarter as a student. For complete details, please contact housing.
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